Our History

AMBIKA Infra Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Are Leading Builders Providing A Rich Tradition Of Unrivalled Growth & Trusted Reputation. Our Aim Is To Prove Ourselves As Multi-Faceted, Modern, Innovative And As A Total Solution Company That Provide Best Services To Our Clients. Our Team Strives Constantly To Provide Quality Housing Solutions Which Are Affordable Without Compromising On Luxury. As We Very Well Know That Buying Home Is One Time Investment For Lifetime Of Peace.

  • Ambika Group has operating in the area of real estate, education, financial services, insurance, Cleaning Products and Services, media, culture and sport.
  • Our companies have offices in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal.
  • Ambika Group is organised as a modern management unit with a main objective to increase the value of all member companies by improving performance, investing in new projects and creating of synergy between the member companies.
  • Ambika Group operates in line with global trends promoting sustainable development and utilisation of renewable energy sources.
  • In order to promote its mission Ambika Group has hosted many famous personalities from the spheres of politics, business, show business and arts.
Our Mission

“To Deliver The Customer The Best Quality In The Minimum Possible Cost.”
To further strengthen and expand our established position and continue being the first choice for clients and prospective customers. To transform the lives of people of India and significantly contribute towards improvement in the quality of life.
“Creating Landmarks And Setting Benchmarks”